The MOU signing for cooperation agreements on the Yangon Amata Smart and Eco City project in Nay Pyi Taw on 24th Jan, 2020

On 24th January 2020, the MOU signing of Joint Venture Agreement and Land Lease Agreement between Department of Urban and Housing Development, Ministry of Construction and Amata Asia (Myanmar) Limited to launch “Yangon Amata Smart and Eco City”

The Department of Urban and Housing Development (DUHD), Ministry of Construction and AMATA Asia (Myanmar) Limited officially signed a joint venture agreement and land lease agreement of Yangon AMATA Smart and Eco City (YASEC) project in Nay Pyi Taw  at Kempinski Hotel in Nay Pyi Taw on 24th January, 2020.

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Cold therapy with liquid nitrogen

The medical industry has introduced the properties of cold to help treat the symptoms. It is painfully effective because it has a controlled degree of coolness to maintain a consistent and continuous treatment and control of the area where it is needed. Whole body cryotherapy has its origins. From Japan in 1880, then in 1978, a team of scientists from Japan brought this idea into the Cryogenic Chamber or the temperature control room. The Cryogenic Chamber was first established in Europe in 2000 and was used in the Olympic rehabilitation center in Spala, Poland. Cryotherapy

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BIP® Technology

Setting the standard for high purity gases

The patented BIP® technology system is a self-contained purification system consisting of a specially designed valve and purifier bed. The BIP® system purifies gas at high pressure to achieve lower levels of impurities before it leaves the cylinder.

BIP® technology for high-tech applications

Specialist analytical and industrial applications require an assurance of gas purity at the point of use. That’s why we invented BIP® technology, setting the standard for highly demanding applications.

Minimum impurity for maximum peace of mind

Make the most of the BIP® technological breakthrough; with less than 10 ppb oxygen

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Award-winning YIG uses innovation from the air for Thailand 4.0 sustainability

Growing sustainability is a concept that supports Thailand 4.0 by enabling the manufacturing industry to focus its attention on effective use of resources. Businesses then reduce their energy consumption and preserve the environment by implementing innovations and advanced technology. Bangkok Industrial Gas Company Limited or ‘YIG’ helps the Thai industrial sector treat wastewater and dispose of industrial waste more efficiently with the company’s expertise in industrial gases. 

Gas Innovations for Thailand 4.0

Gas innovations can contribute to the environmental balance and raise the quality of life of communities. Realising this, YIG—one of the leaders in industrial gases in Myanmar —applies

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Supply options

I.Pipeline Supply

YIG supplies Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Hydrogen through its broad coverage pipeline network connected directly to customer’s plants. So far, YIG pipeline supply has been recognized for its supply reliability. YIG’s customers can ensure that their product requirements, even in immediate needs, will be fulfilled by responsive YIG’s professional team supported by our state-of the art logistic system.YIG constantly developed pipeline supply coverage to all the areas in Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate, and expanded further to serve Hemaraj Industrial Estate in Chonburi.

YIG’s pipeline customers includes those who have large-scaled, continuous production processes and are in need of

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Engineering Services & Solutions

Apart from industrial gas product offerings, YIG also provides one stop engineering services for customers. YIG’s expert team is well recognized for their experiences and expertise. They give support and advice to various business sectors involved in industrial gas. These include:

1. System design for industrial gas in different industries, for example:
a. Insulation pipeline system for frozen food and beverages.
b. Oxygen pipeline system in hospital
c. Specialty gas system in labs
d. Low and high pressure gas system in various industries
e. Gas control system in petroleum, glass, mirror and steel industries
f. Low and high pressure gas

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