Engineering Services & Solutions

Apart from industrial gas product offerings, YIG also provides one stop engineering services for customers. YIG’s expert team is well recognized for their experiences and expertise. They give support and advice to various business sectors involved in industrial gas. These include:

1. System design for industrial gas in different industries, for example:
a. Insulation pipeline system for frozen food and beverages.
b. Oxygen pipeline system in hospital
c. Specialty gas system in labs
d. Low and high pressure gas system in various industries
e. Gas control system in petroleum, glass, mirror and steel industries
f. Low and high pressure gas containers
g. Gas cylinder packs system for industrial gas
h. Other industries related to industrial gas
System design of each industry is well-executed by our experienced engineering teams, who have gas application expertise for a long time. They work closely with the customers to ensure that all customers’ requirements, such as type of gas, temperature, pressure, and gas flow, are fulfilled. Along with system design, safe operation, clear working instructions, and long-term maintenances are also well prepared for customers.

2. Assessment and system maintenance
YIG’s professional engineering team have served customers for more than 28 year with experiences and local expertise. They are reliable and always give priority to customers as well as try to come up with appropriate solutions in problems solving. Moreover, the company always keeps spare parts in hands so that parts can be replaced and repaired in without down time.