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LPG Services and Solutions


YIG as an industrial gas provider works closely with both commercial and industrial segments and fully understand customers requirement for optimization of resource management. To satisfy and optimize customer’s resource, YIG provides both industrial gases and energy gas, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). YIG to provide LPG molecule in bulk for large industrial users and in cylinders (48kg) for industrial and commercial users

LPG is a clean burning fuel with many applications. LPG Gas is a mixture of hydrocarbons that are made of (50%) propane and (50%) butane, liquefied by compression at ambient temperature to enhance distribution. It is one of the cleanest fuels available and is used extensively for domestic, commercial and industrial application.

YIG maintains high quality and safety standards. Our highly trained professionals, will cater to all your energy needs; whether it is to seek vital information, support and solutions. Safety is always at the heart of our operations and follow all health and safety regulations to protect your best interest.

At YIG, we are in the business of delivering stable, clean and cost-effective energy supply to fulfill industrial and commercial needs.

Be it for powering furnaces, boilers, or any other industrial applications, the reliability of our supply is excellent, and its importance continues to grow across all industrial related sectors. Emphasizing on effective cost reduction measures, it is naturally the best choice amongst alternative energy solutions in Myanmar.

Industrial businesses today rely on a steady supply of energy to ensure their objectives and financial targets are met, without compromising on quality and the cost of the end product.

YIG is a LPG trader of LPG and distributes LPG in bulk for industrial users and 48kg cylinders.