BIP® Technology

Setting the standard for high purity gases

The patented BIP® technology system is a self-contained purification system consisting of a specially designed valve and purifier bed. The BIP® system purifies gas at high pressure to achieve lower levels of impurities before it leaves the cylinder.

BIP® technology for high-tech applications

Specialist analytical and industrial applications require an assurance of gas purity at the point of use. That’s why we invented BIP® technology, setting the standard for highly demanding applications.

Minimum impurity for maximum peace of mind

Make the most of the BIP® technological breakthrough; with less than 10 ppb oxygen and less than 20 ppb moisture, BIP® gases deliver the lowest level of impurities available anywhere. BIP® gases have become the analytical standard for all applications requiring high purity gases with consistently low levels of impurities: gas chromatography, inerting, high quality welding and many others.

• Lowest levels of impurity guaranteed
• < 10 ppb O2 and < 20 ppb H2O
• No more hassle and cost associated with external purifiers

BIP® technology mean failsafe analyses for a GC users

Since it contains less than 10 ppb of oxygen and 20 ppb water, every gas cylinder fitted with BIP® technology gives GC users the benefit of an improved baseline, better peak separation, lower detection limits and greater sensitivity. All this in addition to greater lifetime for columns and detectors and minimal maintenance. BIP® gas is the ultimate zero-defect gas.

• Better analytical results

And if purity rhymed with consistency?

Air Products carries out strict quality controls to guarantee the purity of the gases contained in its cylinders. Each cylinder is delivered with a certificate of conformity. Furthermore, the unique BIP® purification system insures gas purity consistency up to the last molecule. Which means up to 20% more usable gas compared with traditional cylinders.

• Certified specs
• More usable gas for your money

More than gas, it is an insurance

The patented BIP® technology features an automatic shut-off valve making it impossible for a rogue cylinder to be delivered and connected. Though minimal, the risks associated with gas contamination are serious and costly – business critical results become unreliable or late, production delays are incurred, not to mention all the hassle and cost. BIP® provides insurance against such risks.

“The slightest contamination could compromise our isotope measurements or damage our equipment. BIP® technology has enabled us to balance our technical demands with cost constraints.”