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Permit/License Consultation

YIG can provide ;

  • consultation and assist you in applying or renewing Installation Permit
  • LPG Storage License
  • LPG Usage Permit in compliance with the MPE requirement and/or other related government agencies.

We can advise you how to fulfill and obtain your Fire Safety Certificate for your establishment.

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LPG Total Solutions

We provide professional engineer consultation and execution of LPG station, LPG manifold system installation, and piping work.

YIG Work Practices;

  • Maintain and ensure safety and adhere to MPE healthy and safety regulations.
  • We provide constant updates to our client on the work progress of the project.
  • Adhere to agreed project schedule.

Our engineering personnel and maintenance crew to cater for repair and maintenance.

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LPG Product

At YIG, we are in the business of delivering stable, clean and cost-effective energy supply to fulfill industrial and commercial needs.

Be it for powering furnaces, boilers, or any other industrial applications, the reliability of our supply is excellent, and its importance continues to grow across all industrial related sectors. Emphasizing on effective cost reduction measures, it is naturally the best choice amongst alternative energy solutions in Myanmar.

Industrial businesses today rely on a steady supply of energy to ensure their objectives and financial targets are met, without compromising on quality and the cost of the end product.

YIG is

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Services and Solutions

LPG Services and Solutions


YIG as an industrial gas provider works closely with both commercial and industrial segments and fully understand customers requirement for optimization of resource management. To satisfy and optimize customer’s resource, YIG provides both industrial gases and energy gas, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). YIG to provide LPG molecule in bulk for large industrial users and in cylinders (48kg) for industrial and commercial users

LPG is a clean burning fuel with many applications. LPG Gas is a mixture of hydrocarbons that are made of (50%) propane and (50%) butane, liquefied by compression at ambient temperature to enhance

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Yangon Industrial Gas serviced helium for the first balloon in Myanmar

Yangon Industrial Gas (YIG) in collaboration with Bangkok Industrial Gas Co., Ltd (BIG) and Air Products Singapore Industrial Gases Pte. Ltd. (APS) served helium over 3,000 m3 and operated helium balloon inflation for the first helium balloon “Mingalaba balloon” in Yangon, Myanmar on May 22, 2017 and it has been in services since June 17, 2017.

The first helium balloon in Yangon has been carried out by Myanmar Voyages International Tourism Co., Ltd and providing tourists a chance to enjoy a panoramic of the city, including Kandawgyi Lake and the Shwedagon Pagoda.

The price of a Mingalaba balloon ride is

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YIG and ISM to support Myanmar Industrial Standard to meet International requirement

22nd June 2016, the seminar “Towards International Standard for Industrial Gases & Metering System” at Ballroom, Summit Parkview Hotel, was organized by Yangon Industrial Gas Co., Ltd. or YIG, incorporate with Instrumentation System Metering & General Engineering Co., Ltd. or ISM. The seminar’s objectives are to explore local manufacturers about international standard on safety and quality of industrial gases and metering system and how they impact to operation. Also give overview picture about trend of requirement from international market and preparedness for local manufacturer. YIG, with fully supported by Bangkok Industrial Gas Co., Ltd. (BIG) and Air Products and Chemicals,
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Myanmar Flood Relief

In response to the flood situation in Myanmar ‎during 16 July 2015 – August 2015, YIG and BIG supported Myanmar flood relief by donating to Ayeyarwady Foundation in the amount of ~6,665 USD to help people in Myanmar affected by this devastating crisis. A part of donation came from special-designed T-shirt campaign “Save Myanmar – YIG support Myanmar Flood Relief” in Thailand.
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YIG & BIG Signing Ceremony

23 July 2015, Mr. Aung Kyaw, Managing Director of Yangon Industrial Ga Co., Ltd. (YIG) and Mr. Piyabut Charuphen, Managing Director of Bangkok Industrial Gas Co., Ltd. (BIG), an affiliate of Air Products and Chemicals Inc. USA, signed the letter of intent for collaborative partnership to develop industrial gas business in Myanmar. The event was held at Pullman Bangkok Hotel G, Thailand witnessed by YIG and BIG executives.
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Cold therapy with liquid nitrogen

The medical industry has introduced the properties of cold to help treat the symptoms. It is painfully effective because it has a controlled degree of coolness to maintain a consistent and continuous treatment and control of the area where it is needed. Whole body cryotherapy has its origins. From Japan in 1880, then in 1978, a team of scientists from Japan brought this idea into the Cryogenic Chamber or the temperature control room. The Cryogenic Chamber was first established in Europe in 2000 and was used in the Olympic rehabilitation center in Spala, Poland. Cryotherapy

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